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SCOPE Power's Quality Control program measures how many defects there are in the production process then systematically figures out how to eliminate them with the goal of getting as close to zero defects as possible. East Power's production process is ISO9001 certified with all processes fully documented (quality manual, quality system procedures, process instruction, and quality records).

R&D quality control
Before releasing a new model, strict quality control is applied throughout the R&D process including market research, product development, materials and components sourcing, sample production, pre-production, and mass-production.

◆ Incoming material quality control
Global sourcing platform, qualified suppliers and optimized purchasing process ensure all components and raw materials conform to required specifications. Raw materials are sent to labs for analysis and strict inspection before being put into production.

◆ Process quality control
Each stage of production is well planned and controlled to minimize the percentage of defects and make it easy to trace any defects that are discovered once the product gets to market. Full inspection of all parts combined with sample & random checking ensures product performance.

◆ Finished Product Quality Control
Finished products are sent to the warehouse for 15-day storage where all products are fully tested and inspected before delivery. In addition, we provides a full satisfaction guarantee for its products.

◆ After-sales service quality control
Comprehensive after-sales service system and integrated defects report-and-dealing procedure guarantee all complaints are handled timely and effectively.

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