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Innovative Technical Features
◆ Benchmarking Technique - Semi-automated Cast On Strap (COS) production  employs this unique production together with a computer program (CUP) controlling welding temperature and time to guarantee welding quality which provides benefit of plate consistency and enhanced plate performance. Terminals are formed in a single cast on strap operation that greatly reduces the welding resistance of the terminals and increases their current carrying capacity.

Valve Regulated (Sealed) Excessive Gas Absorption Construction 
 ◆SCOPE POWER battery is of the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) valve regulated (sealed) lead acid rechargeable type. The acid is suspended in a specially formulated non-woven glass mat separator. 

◆ Exceptional Leak Proof As all the acid is absorbed in the valve regulated (sealed) construction which provides a safe Non-spillable battery that is leak proof. Gas Recombination System More than 99% of gasses generated in the normal charge / discharge use of a rechargeable battery are internally recombined during normal operating parameters. 

◆ Electrolyte Maintenance Free Operation The separator used is made of non-woven fabric of fine glass fibers which have high resistance to acid and low electro-conductivity. The high porosity of the separators retains adequate electrolyte for the reaction of active materials in the plates. As a result, no electrolyte maintenance is needed for the life of the battery. There is no need to add water or take specific gravity readings. 

◆ Flexible and Compact Design The design of the battery allows itself to be installed and used in any position either in series and/or parallel to obtain choice of voltage and capacity. EAST POWER utilize the best possible raw materials and strictly controlled plate - making production process to build a high energy density battery. 

◆ Low Self Discharge & Long Shelf Life Because of the use of lead calcium alloy grids, EAST POWER battery has less than 3% self-discharge monthly at room temperature of 25 oC and it can be stored for long periods of time without recharge. 

◆ Tough Construction SCOPE POWER produces cases and lids by utilizing tough, high impact resistant and non-conductive UL94-HB (Standard ABS plastic) which imparts great resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat. Additional to the fact of leak proof, EAST POWER battery can be shipped by sea, road or air without special handling and packaging precautions. UL94-V0 (Flame Retardant ABS) is available upon request. NOTE: Terminals should be protected from the possibility of short circuit at all times. 

◆ Wide Operating Temperature Range SCOPE POWER battery has a wide operating temperature range of -30 oC to +45 oC. However, for maximum life and safety, continuous operation over 45 oC is not recommended. 

◆ Non-hazardous Commodity SCOPE POWER battery is classified as non-hazardous commodity.

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